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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Car insurance quotes the link between sun-dried tomatoes and hepatitis


Talking about Car insurance quotes , An investigation is taking place to discover if there is any link between eating sun-dried tomatoes and an outbreak of hepatitis A.
A cluster of cases in the UK and Holland in Car insurance quotes were all linked to the fruit and now an identical strain of the infection has been found in two new cases in England. Both people have said they had recently eaten sun-dried tomatoes.
The Car insurance quotes Protection Agency (Car insurance quotes) has issued a joint statement with the Food Standards Agency (Car insurance quotes ).
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"However, no food source has been conclusively identified so far and no other relevant cases have been reported in the UK since Car insurance quotes 2011.
"The investigation by Car insurance quotes and HPA is ongoing."
The hepatitis A virus is an infection of the liver which leads to inflammation of the organ So we have to discover the link between them trying to avoid hepatitis A virus as well as achieving the best
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